Tyndale Faculty Publications

The Costly Loss of Lament and Protest: Toward a Biblical Theology of Lament and Protest (Psalm 44)

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Chapter in Between the Lectern and the Pulpit: Essays in Honour of Victor

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Covenanters in Canada: Reformed Presbyterianism from 1820 to 2012 by Eldon Hay

Dr. Daniel Scott, Review in The Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society


The Crisis of Philosophy

Dr. Mark Chapman, Article in The Literary Review of Canada

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Crucified King: Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Systematic Theology

Dr. Patrick Franklin, Review in McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Dead Christ: A Good Friday Service

Dr. Daniel Scott, Article in Reformed Worship

School: Undergraduate

The Diaspora Experience of the Korean Church and its Implications for World Missions

Dr. Minho Song, Chapter in Korean Diaspora and Christian Mission

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Divine Wanderer: Travel and Divinization in Late Antiquity

Dr. Ian Scott, Chapter in Religion and Travel in Antiquity

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Emergence of Sin: The Cosmic Tyrant in Romans

Dr. Patrick Franklin, Review in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Human Person in Contemporary Science and Theology

Dr. Patrick Franklin, Article in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

School: Seminary & Graduate

The Impact of the Local Church Showing Compassion: Lessons from the Syrian Crisis

Dr. Rupen Das, Article in SEEDBED: Practitioners in Conversation

School: Seminary & Graduate