Academic Tutoring

In keeping with our commitment to provide ongoing quality support for our students, Writing and Tutoring Services will continue to offer online virtual sessions, and begin limited in-person meetings by appointment only, in accordance with provincial recommendations and Tyndale’s re-opening strategy. For more information, or to book an appointment, please visit WC Online.

We know there is more to classes than just writing papers. There's notes to take, research to be done, presentations to make, and exams to study for. That's why we launched our Academic Tutoring services. Our friendly, knowledgebale tutors are available to help undergraduate students (excluding BEd) with free one-on-one tutoring sessions in multiple areas of study. 

Our team can assist you with all kinds of study skills, including mastering course material, sharpening note-taking and research skills, and refining test-taking skills.

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Students may sign up for a maximum of 1 hour of tutoring per week, pending tutor availability. Please note that we will not always be able to accommodate students for tutoring in all subjects or to the extent that you may feel necessarily. For students with documented learning disabilities, additional services may be available. Please visit Accessibility Services for further information about support and accommodation.

From time to time, our tutors will also host study groups for selected courses.

What to Bring to a Session

Depending on your goals and needs, you may want to bring any of the following:

  • Course syllabus
  • Course materials (texts, lecture notes, PowerPoint, handouts, etc.)
  • Research materials
  • Your specific questions and concerns

For more information on our services, visit us in E304, call us at (416) 226-6620 ext. 2179, or email academictutoring [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

Flexible Hours

We want you to understand your course content and refine your study skills. If you can't make your tutor's scheduled shift, our tutors will try to work out a time that best accommodates you both.

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