one student tutoring another student.

Study Groups

While one-on-one tutoring sessions are our main form of tutoring support, we know that sometimes it helps to pool your knowledge with other students. That’s why we offer online study groups for undergraduate courses in which multiple students tend to want help. Each of our study groups are facilitated by an Academic Tutor who specializes in that area of study. 

Why Study Groups?

The goal of study groups is not to teach you course content. It is to collaborate with your classmates to clarify difficult concepts, practice problems, and apply the skills you have learned in class.

Here's a list of the study groups we're offering this semester:

  • BIOL 1013 / CHEM 1013 - Bio/Chem Study Group - Date and Time TBD
  • FREN 1013 - French Study Group - Fridays from 2:00-3:00pm ET starting September 24th
  • GREE 2023 - Elementary New Testament Greek (Undergraduate) - Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00pm ET starting September 22nd
  • MATH 1213 - Statistics Study Group - Date and Time TBD

If you and a few other classmates would like to request a study group, email us at writing [at] tyndale [dot] ca

We look forward to studying with you soon!