Written Feedback Appointments

NOTE: Continuing our commitment to provide quality assistance to our students and support our course delivery this semester, the Centre for Academic Excellence will have virtual and in-person service options available. Writing and Tutoring Services will be open on campus on Monday-Thursday, with virtual services available Monday-Friday. For more information, or to book an appointment, please visit WC Online.

While it is our experience that students are best supported via one-on-one Writing Consultations, we recognize that sometimes schedules don’t permit to meet with us directly. That’s why we offer Written Feedback appointments as an alternative.

If you would like to request a Written Feedback appointment, please fill out our Written Feedback Request Form. In this form, you will need to provide your availability for when you could submit your assignment as well as why you are unable to complete a one-on-one appointment with one of our consultants. Once you have submitted your request, the Learning Specialist will assess your situation and determine whether you qualify for Written Feedback. NOTE: We will not look at papers that are sent in “for us to read over if we get the chance.”

Who Qualifies for Written Feedback?

Written Feedback is offered on an "as needed" basis. These appointments will be limited to students whose schedules do not permit them to meet with us in-person or via a Teams video call.

If you are approved for a Written Feedback appointment, you may submit your paper to us as a Microsoft Word document. One of our consultants will read over your paper and return it to you with general feedback about paper, paragraph, and sentence structuring. This feedback will come in the form of comments on Microsoft Word.

Please note that you will need to set up an account with WC Online before your booking can be completed. We recommend registering before you request an appointment to ensure a smooth and timely booking process.

If you would prefer, you can also book yourself for a Teams Video Call with one of our consultants on WC Online.