Workshops and Seminars

It's our commitment at Writing and Tutoring Services to provide opportunities across campus for students to develop their academic abilities. Each semester, we offer community workshops and in-class seminars designed to help students learn better, write better, and study better. With new topics introduced every year, we're sure you'll find something to help you succeed in your studies!

Community Workshops

CAE Talks is a series of seminars designed to help Tyndale students unlock their full potential as scholars - many of which focus on writing and tutoring topics! Check out a full list here:

Our Events

In-Class Seminars

Writing and Tutoring Services is happy to partner with professors to prepare and present in-class seminars on any part of the writing process. Previous topics have included the various stages of essay writing, an overview of discipline-specific writing, citation and documentation, and more. Seminars can be customized for both content and length to suit your class needs and schedule.

If you wish to book the Learning Specialist for an in-class seminar, please provide us with at least three weeks notice and an overview of your requirements. Please send requests by email to bbonvanie [at] tyndale [dot] ca.